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Comedian Katt Williams has once again made headlines with his recent appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, where he stirred up controversy by calling for the removal of a rape scene in the popular film, Friday After Next. This sparked a heated response from the film’s writer, Ice Cube, who vehemently refuted Williams’ claims.

Ice Cube, known for his outspoken nature, stated that removing the rape scene from the movie was never a discussion and it goes against his style as a filmmaker to include such explicit content. He made it clear that Williams’ allegations were baseless and unfounded.

However, Ice Cube did acknowledge Williams’ contributions to the film. The rapper turned actor revealed that Williams was given the freedom to enhance his character’s lines, which ultimately resulted in an expanded role for the comedian. This gave Williams the opportunity to showcase his unique humor and establish himself as a standout in the film.

But Williams didn’t stop at stirring controversy with his comments about Friday After Next. He also reignited his ongoing feud with fellow comedian Kevin Hart. Accusing Hart of being an industry plant, Williams claimed that Hart took on roles that he himself had turned down.

Hart, not one to shy away from a verbal confrontation, responded to Williams’ claims by dismissing them as “sad.” The popular comedian seemed unfazed by Williams’ accusations and chose not to engage in a full-blown war of words. Instead, Hart took the high road and refused to give any credence to the ongoing feud.

As Katt Williams continues to make headlines with his bold statements and controversial claims, it seems that his words have once again ignited a firestorm in the entertainment industry. Only time will tell if these disputes will ever find a resolution, or if they will simply fade away as another chapter in the ever-evolving world of showbiz.

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