Press Stories: Main Line Health Implements Mandatory Face Mask Policy at All Locations for the Next Two Weeks

Title: Main Line Health Enforces Mandatory Face Masks Amid Surge in COVID-19 and Flu Cases

In response to a sharp increase in COVID-19, flu, and RSV cases in southeastern Pennsylvania, Main Line Health, a prominent medical facility, has reintroduced a mandatory face mask policy at all locations for the next two weeks. This decision aims to curb the spread of these respiratory illnesses in both clinical and common areas, ensuring the safety of patients, employees, medical staff, and visitors.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Main Line Health has made provisions to provide masks for those who arrive without one at their facilities. This proactive measure reinforces their commitment to protecting everyone who enters their hospitals, including patients and healthcare workers, from potential exposure to these highly contagious diseases.

The hospital has been closely monitoring the community’s flu, COVID-19, and RSV cases, using three key parameters to assess the situation: the number of patients with respiratory illnesses, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local wastewater analysis. Alarming numbers in recent weeks have indicated a surge in cases, possibly resulting from holiday gatherings. The CDC has already reported high flu activity in Pennsylvania and very high activity in neighboring New Jersey.

Medical experts warn that both the flu and COVID-19 can be transmitted even before symptoms appear, posing a risk of super spreader events. Residents of the area have embraced the new mask mandate, recognizing its role in safeguarding their well-being within the hospital system.

Main Line Health, in addition to enforcing the mask mandate, recommends several prevention tips to minimize the risk of infection. These measures include the appropriate use of masks when necessary, frequent handwashing, and ensuring vaccination against common diseases.

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The temporary mask requirement applies across all Main Line Health hospitals and medical facilities. Specific locations affected by this mandate include the Main Line Health Bryn Mawr Hospital, Lankenau Medical Center, Riddle Hospital, and Paoli Hospital.

As cases continue to rise, Main Line Health takes decisive action with the reintroduction of mandatory face masks. By prioritizing the health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors, they aim to bring these surging COVID-19, flu, and RSV cases under control.

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