Upcoming £38,700 Visa Regulation Set for 2025, Reveals Rishi Sunak

Title: UK Government Introduces New Visa Rule for Families, Sparking Debate

In an effort to reduce net migration, the UK government is set to implement a new visa rule that will require individuals to earn a minimum of £38,700 per year before being able to bring family members into the country. The current threshold of £18,600 will be increased in two stages instead of the initially planned single implementation in spring 2025. The first stage will see the threshold rise to £29,000 next spring, followed by the full increase to £38,700 in early 2025.

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, defended the timetable, emphasizing the importance of individuals being able to financially support their dependents when bringing them to the UK. The government aims to address the record high net migration of 745,000 in 2022 by implementing stricter visa rules.

However, critics argue that the increase in the earnings threshold is exorbitant and will disrupt households. They contend that the government should consider a more reasonable threshold. The main opposition party, Labour, will face scrutiny over its stance on these proposed rules ahead of the upcoming general election, which must be held by January 2025.

The Home Office has assured individuals renewing existing family visas that they will not be required to meet the new earnings threshold. According to official statistics, 82,395 family-related visas were issued in the year leading up to September, with the majority granted to partners.

The government expects the new £29,000 threshold to contribute to its goal of reducing legal migration by 300,000 this year. Critics, however, argue that compared to other European countries, the UK’s visa thresholds remain more restrictive.

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The new visa rules have left many individuals affected voicing concerns about not meeting the income threshold and how it will impact their family life. While some welcome the decision to introduce the increase in stages, they highlight that many couples and families will still fall short of meeting the requirements.

Beyond the UK, British citizens living abroad with foreign partners are also expressing uncertainty about their return to the UK due to the visa changes. They worry that their relationships and family lives will be thrwarted by the stricter rules.

As the implementation date draws nearer, the new visa rule continues to incite discussions and debates around the country’s immigration policies, the impact on families, and the future of British citizenship for those with foreign partners.

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