AMD Commits to Long-term Support on AM5 Socket, Reinforcing Platform Backing through 2025

AMD reaffirms commitment to AM5 socket, promising long-term support for future Ryzen CPUs

AMD has recently reaffirmed its long-term plans for the AM5 socket, which is currently housing one generation of Ryzen CPUs. This commitment from the company has drawn attention from consumers as it could potentially mean lower future upgrade costs.

Introduced back in 2017, the AM4 socket continues to receive support from AMD and is expected to receive new CPU releases in the coming year. This news has been well-received by enthusiasts who are considering an upgrade, as they can now be assured of continued compatibility with the AM4 socket.

In contrast, AMD’s main competitor, Intel, has not promised to retain socket support for as long. Their next platform, the LGA-1851, is expected to support only three generations of products. This difference in strategy has further solidified AMD’s reputation for providing long-lasting socket support.

The slow adoption of the AM5 socket has primarily been due to the high cost of upgrading to new CPUs, motherboards, and DDR5 memory. However, the declining prices of memory and the availability of cheaper AM5 motherboards are now starting to incentivize gamers and enthusiasts to take notice.

David McAfee, AMD’s Corporate Vice President, confirmed in a recent interview that the company plans to support the AM5 socket through 2025 and beyond. While this may not be new information, it serves as a clear indication of AMD’s commitment to long-term support for its sockets.

In addition to their commitment to the AM5 socket, AMD is also expected to release new processors for the AM4 socket in the upcoming year. Along with these processor releases, AMD will also bring improvements to memory support on the AM4 platform, further enhancing its appeal to consumers.

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Overall, AMD’s dedication to long-term socket support, as demonstrated by their commitment to the AM5 socket until 2025 and the continuous releases planned for the AM4 socket, has positioned them as a strong competitor in the CPU market. Consumers considering an upgrade can now have confidence in AMD’s commitment to compatibility and the potential cost savings associated with future upgrades.

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