75-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Young Tyrannosaurs Feast on 2 Baby Dinosaurs

New Study Uncovers Evidence of Teenage Gorgosaurus Feeding on Baby Dinosaurs

In a groundbreaking discovery, a recent study published in the journal Science Advances revealed that a teenage Gorgosaurus, a type of Tyrannosaur, had consumed two baby dinosaurs before its demise. This finding marks the first time that well-preserved stomach contents have been found in a large species of tyrannosaur, shedding new light on their changing diets as they matured.

The study, which delves into the late Cretaceous period, provides crucial insights into the hunting behaviors and dietary changes of tyrannosaurs. The fossil, initially unearthed in Canada’s Alberta Badlands in 2009, took several years to prepare for study due to its delicate nature. However, it was well worth the effort, as researchers discovered the hind legs of two baby dinosaurs inside the Gorgosaurus’ stomach cavity.

The teenage gorgosaur, estimated to be around seven years old and weighing 330 kilograms, exhibited clear signs of having preyed upon small, young dinosaurs. This suggests that juvenile Gorgosaurus honed their hunting skills by pursuing smaller and more manageable targets. In contrast, adult Gorgosaurus likely targeted and consumed very large plant-eating dinosaurs.

The baby dinosaurs in question, identified as belonging to the species Citipes elegans, were determined to be younger than one year old when they were hunted down by the tyrannosaur. This finding further bolsters the notion that the Gorgosaurus underwent distinct dietary changes as it progressed from adolescence to adulthood.

The significance of this study lies not only in the rare preservation of the stomach contents but also in the larger implications regarding the behavior and evolution of tyrannosaurs. By analyzing the feeding patterns of these prehistoric predators, scientists can better understand the complexities of their ecosystems and how they adapted as dominant apex predators.

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The discovery of the Gorgosaurus’ meal also provides a stark reminder of the ferocity and predatory nature of these ancient creatures. The image of a teenager feasting on baby dinosaurs paints a vivid picture of life and survival in the prehistoric world.

As research in paleontology advances, so does our understanding of these incredible creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. The finding of the juvenile Gorgosaurus’ meal offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the dinosaur kingdom and brings us closer to uncovering the mysteries of our planet’s distant past.

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