Honda recalls over 300,000 vehicles due to missing seat belt component

American Honda Motor Company has issued a recall for over 300,000 vehicles due to a seat belt defect. The recall affects specific 2023-2024 Accord and HR-V models.

The defect is attributed to an error during assembly, which could result in a missing component in the front seat belt pretensioners. This missing rivet could cause the quick connector and wire plate to not be securely attached.

This defect poses a significant risk of injury in the event of a crash. However, it is important to note that there have been no reports of injuries or deaths related to the pretensioners thus far. Nevertheless, Honda has received warranty claims regarding the issue.

To address the problem, Honda is offering affected owners the opportunity to have the defective part replaced free of charge at any Honda dealer. Notification letters will be sent out on January 8th to provide owners with the necessary information.

Furthermore, for those who have already paid for the repair, there may be a chance for reimbursement. Owners can contact Honda customer service at 1 (888) 234-2138 for any inquiries related to reimbursement.

Ensuring the safety of its customers is a top priority for Honda. The company is taking this proactive step to address the seat belt defect and minimize any potential risks. It is recommended that all owners of the affected models should respond promptly to the recall and schedule an appointment with their local Honda dealer for the necessary repairs.

By taking swift action and notifying owners promptly, Honda aims to prevent any accidents or injuries associated with the seat belt defect. The company’s transparency and commitment to customer safety highlight its dedication to maintaining high-quality standards in its vehicles.

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For more information and updates on this recall, owners can visit the official Honda website or contact their local Honda dealer.

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