BRICS Condemns Israels War on Gaza: Insights from Press Stories

Title: BRICS Summit Calls for End to Gaza Conflict, Denounces Israel’s Actions as War Crimes

Leaders from the BRICS grouping, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, convened in a virtual summit to address the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine. The group unanimously condemned the violence and demanded an immediate end to Israel’s war on Gaza, denouncing the attacks on civilians and the forced displacement of Palestinians as “war crimes.”

In a significant show of solidarity, the BRICS leaders were joined by other countries set to become members of the organization by 2024, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran. The presence of these nations further bolstered the chair’s summary, which highlighted the mounting global outcry from the Global South to halt the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.

While various leaders expressed their concerns over Israel’s actions, some countries were more assertive in their presentations. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa denounced Israel’s actions as “clear violations of international law” and labeled them “tantamount to genocide.” This stern statement from South Africa, long considered Israel’s largest trade partner in Africa, was accompanied by the decision to shut down the Israeli embassy in Pretoria.

In their presentations, BRICS member India struck a more measured tone, emphasizing the urgent need for restraint and immediate humanitarian support. This approach showcased the varying viewpoints within the group, highlighting that the BRICS coalition is more than a monolithic bloc.

The BRICS summit not only highlighted the coalition’s growing assertiveness but also its expanding political influence. While the group has traditionally concentrated on economic issues, its recent foray into geopolitical matters underscores a shift in focus. As more countries seek membership in BRICS, their desire to reduce dependence on the Western financial system and have an alternative voice within the global world order becomes evident.

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To further address the alleged war crimes committed during the conflict, South Africa and several other countries submitted a referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for an investigation into the events in Gaza. While the direct influence that BRICS exerts on Israel may be limited, the political weight of the group continues to grow, posing a significant challenge to the prevailing Western hegemony.

In conclusion, the BRICS summit’s resolute condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza sends a strong message from the Global South. As more countries join the coalition and seek alternative avenues of influence, the BRICS grouping serves as a significant force countering the current Western-dominated world order.

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