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In Spain, The government of Navarre’s northern region has announced that the two-week lockout will take effect from Thursday.

Spain registered nearly 38,000 new cases on Monday, bringing the total to 975,000.

While the number of cases per 100,000 people in Spain is 312.2, this number rises to 945.4 in Navarre.

Queen Leticia Navarre of Spain meets the students.

Queen Leticia Navarre of Spain meets the students. Photo: Jose Jimenez / Spanish Royal Househound Handout / EPA

Under the lockdown, people will only be allowed in and out of Navarre for work, university study, caring for relatives or emergencies. Bars, cafes and restaurants will be closed. Stores are open, but must operate at 40% capacity and close by 9 p.m.

Although much less severe than the spring and early summer, Navarre’s imprisonment was more severe than that imposed by the federal government in the Madrid region.

The lockout in and around the capital, which has been the source of heated arguments between the central and regional governments, expires this Saturday. The regional government is considering implementing a curfew order.



Germany imposes local locking on alpine hotspot

As the beautiful alpine region becomes the country’s main corona virus hotspot, Germany keeps the Bavarian municipality of Berchetkadner Land locked up from 2pm today.

Schools, nurseries and restaurants will be closed from today and residents will not be allowed to leave their homes after 2pm, there is no compelling reason to do so, i.e. work commitment, grocery store or outdoor exercise. Local locking This is the first time since April in Bavaria.

The Watzman mass and 100,000 inhabitants of the 320-square-mile region of Perchdeskadener Land currently see the seven-day maximum occurrence of Govit-19 in Germany, with 272.8 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants a week in space.

While insisting that the German government try to avoid a second country-wide lockout at all costs, some officials have recently proposed rounding up regions to curb the spread of the virus. Lothar Weiler, head of the German Disease Control Agency, said last week that the encirclement of entire districts seemed “unimaginable” to him nine months ago, but that federal states could now see such action.


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