Mackenzie Dern addresses pre-fight chaos and divorce fallout: This whole fight is still paying my ex

Title: Mackenzie Dern Shares Personal Struggles and Resilience Ahead of Next Fight

Mackenzie Dern, the highly skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist and rising star in the UFC, recently opened up about the challenges she has faced while preparing for fights. In an exclusive interview with Press Stories, Dern revealed the difficulties of maintaining a routine amidst personal turmoil and changes within her training camp.

During her last fight, Dern was going through a tumultuous divorce and custody battle, which added immense stress to her already demanding training schedule. While the divorce has now been finalized, Dern admits that its aftermath continues to affect her training and mindset. Despite these personal setbacks, she remains determined to excel in the octagon.

Moreover, Dern had to face yet another obstacle when her former gym suddenly closed. Forced to restructure her training camp, she sought guidance from former UFC champion Henry Cejudo and began setting up her own private training sessions at home. This adaptation not only showcased her resilience, but also her ability to thrive amidst adversity.

Taking responsibility for the chaos in her personal life, Dern acknowledges that it has been a difficult balancing act as a mother and a world champion fighter. However, she emphasizes that these struggles are not exclusive to her – all fighters face similar challenges. Dern’s upcoming opponent, Jessica Andrade, also revealed that she is going through a divorce, highlighting the common hurdles faced by fighters both inside and outside the ring.

Dern wants to make it clear that she does not use these personal problems as excuses. In fact, she firmly believes that every fighter deals with their own obstacles and it is how they respond to them that truly matters. Despite the hardships she has faced, Dern has demonstrated her ability to maintain focus and determination, proving that she possesses the necessary mental strength to overcome any adversity.

As Dern’s much-anticipated fight against Andrade draws near, fans eagerly await her performance in the octagon. The fighter’s ability to maintain her composure and rise above her personal struggles has become an inspiration to many, both within and outside the world of mixed martial arts. With her unwavering optimism and resilient spirit, Mackenzie Dern is determined to prove that greatness can be achieved even amidst life’s toughest challenges.

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