HBO Max to discontinue 4K streaming for legacy ad-free subscribers

Title: HBO Max Legacy Subscribers to Lose 4K Streaming Benefit in December

Subtitle: Warner Bros. Discovery Adjusts Subscription Tiers and Features

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In a recent announcement, HBO Max informed its legacy subscribers that they will lose the perk of ad-free 4K streaming starting from December 5th. The service, now owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, had initially promised existing subscribers continued access to their plan’s features for six months after the rebranding to “Max” in May. However, subscribers will now need to switch to Max’s Ultimate Ad-Free tier, priced at $20 a month, to continue enjoying 4K streaming.

The shift to the Ultimate Ad-Free tier not only guarantees 4K streaming but also grants subscribers the option to stream on up to four devices simultaneously, offering added flexibility and convenience. However, legacy subscribers will be limited to Full HD resolution and will only be able to stream on two devices at once.

These changes effectively bring the $16 legacy subscription in line with the new Max Ad-Free tier. While this may be seen as a disadvantage for some legacy subscribers, it aligns with Warner Bros. Discovery’s efforts to streamline and optimize their subscription offerings.

HBO Max also offers an ad-supported tier priced at $10 a month, allowing users to enjoy the platform with intermittent commercials. This option appeals to those who don’t mind the occasional advertisement, providing a more affordable alternative for streaming enthusiasts.

These adjustments to HBO Max’s subscription tiers aim to cater to different user preferences and accommodate the evolving demands of consumers in the streaming industry. By offering a variety of options, Warner Bros. Discovery reinforces their commitment to providing a tailored and flexible streaming experience for all subscribers.

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As the December 5th deadline approaches, legacy HBO Max subscribers are urged to consider their streaming needs and determine whether upgrading to the Ultimate Ad-Free tier is the right choice for them. While losing the 4K streaming perk may be disheartening, the new offering guarantees an immersive, ad-free experience in high resolution.

It is important for legacy subscribers to stay informed and take advantage of the options available to ensure uninterrupted streaming enjoyment. HBO Max’s adjustments reflect the constant innovation and competition within the streaming industry, offering subscribers more choices and customization options to suit their preferences and budget.

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