Smartphone addiction symptoms listed by a psychologist

Smartphone addiction symptoms listed by a psychologist

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The addictive naked eye of your smartphone is visible. A Russian psychologist said that this can be determined by observing a person’s behavior.

Can find a person Depends on his smartphone Analyzing his behavior, Russian psychologist Dmitry Sinarev told the Prime News Agency.

These individuals always hold the device in their hands or place it near them so that they can see it constantly.

If a question arises during the conversation, they immediately look at their smartphone and try to find or support an answer there.

Controllable risk

When communicating on social media or in the news, these individuals make grammatical and style mistakes by trusting the device’s capabilities without checking what they have written. There is also such unlimited confidence in the expression of one’s thoughts Sign of addiction.

What’s more, smartphone software instructs the addicted person to have a specific way of thinking, from logical methods to means of expressing emotions, which are rooted in consciousness, the expert added.

Using smileys, “likes” or icons makes it easier to express your attitude. A person begins to think in symbols without bothering to work on his speech. It allows a person to program, so there is a huge risk in making him controllable, he warns.

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