Studios object to theaters including an intermission in Killers Of The Flower Moon

Apple Original Films and Paramount have clashed with independent theaters over the insertion of an unofficial intermission into Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated film, Killers Of The Flower Moon. Both studios argue that the intermission undermines Scorsese’s creative vision and violates licensing agreements.

With a runtime of 216 minutes, Killers Of The Flower Moon is undeniably lengthy, posing a challenge for viewers to endure the entire film without a break. Independent theaters took it upon themselves to include an intermission, to accommodate moviegoers and ensure a more comfortable experience. While this decision was welcomed by some audience members, it has sparked a dispute with the studios.

The concept of intermissions in films was once a common practice, but it has largely disappeared from Western cinema since the 1960s. However, in countries like India, intermissions remain prevalent, providing moviegoers with a chance to refresh, take a bathroom break, or grab some snacks.

Scorsese has passionately defended the length of Killers Of The Flower Moon, emphasizing the importance of giving cinema the respect it deserves. He believes that his film, which delves into the dark history of the Osage Nation and the FBI, demands the viewer’s full commitment and immersion.

Despite Scorsese’s stance, some moviegoers have expressed their desire for intermissions to become more widespread, not just for this particular film but for other lengthy movies as well. They argue that a brief break during a movie’s runtime allows them to rejuvenate and fully appreciate the artistic experience.

As discussions continue between the studios and independent theaters, the fate of the intermission in Killers Of The Flower Moon hangs in the balance. Will Scorsese’s desired uninterrupted cinematic vision prevail, or will the audience’s desire for a pause during this epic film be taken into account? Only time will tell.

As the film’s release date draws closer, the anticipation surrounding Killers Of The Flower Moon continues to grow. Audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness Scorsese’s latest masterpiece, even if it means sitting through an extended runtime without a break.

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