Players to Avoid in 2023 Fantasy Football Drafts: Expert Projections and Analysis

Title: Deshaun Watson’s Fantasy Outlook Uncertain as ADP Disagrees with PFF’s Projections

With the upcoming fantasy football season on the horizon, fantasy owners are eagerly examining player rankings, projected finishes, and average draft positions (ADP) to make informed decisions for their teams. Deshaun Watson, the Houston Texans’ quarterback, stands out as both a tantalizing option and a cause for concern, with conflicting data painting an uncertain picture.

According to current ADP data, Watson is being drafted as the QB9, a position suggesting that fantasy owners believe in his ability to return to his previous form. However, Pro Football Focus (PFF) projections give a more pessimistic outlook, placing Watson as the QB25 for the 2023 season.

Watson’s struggles in his return to football in 2022 after a 700-day absence are difficult to ignore. He obtained a career-low 51.6 PFF passer grade and ranked 46th out of 48 qualified passers. Additionally, his 4.1% turnover-worthy play rate placed him among the bottom 12 in the league.

Several possible reasons have been suggested for Watson’s decline in efficiency. Distractions off the field, missed time in both 2021 and 2022 due to various factors, and a decline in performance from a clean pocket have all contributed to doubts about his ability to bounce back.

Turning our attention to another Watson in the NFL, Christian Watson, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, shows promise but fantasy owners should approach with caution. With his current ADP sitting at WR24, managers may set high expectations for his overall production. However, the change at quarterback, with Jordan Love taking over, introduces an element of uncertainty. While Love has yet to prove himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL, there is potential for an improvement in overall production, albeit with a possible decrease in touchdown rates.

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Despite the ADP rankings and speculation surrounding the Watson duo, PFF’s projections for their finishes are not provided, leaving fantasy managers in the dark regarding their potential outcomes.

Ultimately, drafting Deshaun Watson and Christian Watson carries an inherent risk. Fantasy owners should carefully consider the contrasting projections, the impact of changes in their respective situations, and the potential rewards before making significant investments based solely on their ADP rankings.

As players continue to be analyzed in PFF’s 2023 fantasy projections, more potential avoidances may arise. Stay tuned for a comprehensive breakdown of the projected performances to avoid when drafting your fantasy football squad.

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