Taco Falls Heart Cry

En 2 minutes, Tacko Fall fait le show et reçoit des chants MVP !

With the Celtics this season, Taco has big ambitions for the coming months. More than ever, the frontrunner wants time to play and has recently made it clear.

From the bench on the Boston side, Taco Fall Will he elevate his game for this new season? This is the hope among the Celtics as it delights the leading fans. Ever since he came to the big league and despite his size being imposed, he has not stopped making continued progress in his game. Good news for him, it shows.

Against the Wizards a few days ago, in addition to 3 blocks, Taco recorded 19 points for 4 points and 8 rebounds from the bench. The 25-year-old is an outstanding performer who is often willing to accept this role. This is what he made clear in his last interview.

I can see things I could not see a year ago. I can expect things I could not have expected a year ago. I worked hard to be here and I knew I belonged here. It’s one thing to come upstairs and do my work on a regular basis.

It is not yet known what plans Brad Stevens has for the fall, but we know he will play against the heat this Sunday. With only 8 players in the Celtics, the perfect opportunity for Taco to show that he has reached a milestone.

Taco Fall is poised to become a true NBA player and has a role to play off the bench if not better. If it wasn’t in the Celtics, it might be somewhere else.

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