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Ars Technica, a leading technology-focused website, has embraced the adoption of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) in their software development process. CI/CD is considered a significant development in the evolution of software development, as it allows for live rolling deployments of code changes that are tested and seamlessly integrated with existing systems.

In a recent article on their website, Ars Technica shared how they have incorporated a CI/CD workflow to take advantage of serverless cloud hosting. This article is part of a series that explores how Ars Technica hosts their website and delves into the use of CI/CD in both their applications and infrastructure management.

One of the key elements of CI/CD is version control, which plays a crucial role in maintaining code and tracking changes made to the production codebase. Version control keeps a detailed record of changes made to files, including information such as who made the changes and when. This helps developers keep track of modifications and easily revert to previous versions if necessary.

Git and GitHub are popular tools for version control, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and ease of use. Ars Technica relies on GitHub to maintain their code repositories, allowing developers to collaborate effectively and manage changes efficiently.

The flow of changes at Ars Technica begins with the code being stored in GitHub repositories. Developers create branches to work on specific features or fixes, and these branches are then tested thoroughly before being merged into the main codebase using pull requests. This process ensures that changes are thoroughly reviewed and tested before being deployed.

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By embracing CI/CD and utilizing tools like GitHub, Ars Technica has streamlined their software development process. The ability to conduct live rolling deployments of code changes and maintain a detailed record of modifications has greatly improved their efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, Ars Technica’s adoption of CI/CD and their utilization of GitHub for version control have elevated their software development process to a new level. With live rolling deployments and an organized workflow, they are able to maintain a high standard of code quality and enhance their website’s performance. This showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

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