Think GPT-4 has become less smart? Here is the explanation

  • Users find GPT-4 (an improved version of ChatGPT) less intuitive
  • However, an OpenAI official says that each new version is better than the previous one
  • But the more we use AI, the more we can notice its shortcomings (which gives the impression that there has been a regression).

When OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, the capabilities of artificial intelligence left everyone in awe. Later the company introduced an improved version of this AI, GPT-4, which increased the performance. But lately, news articles and social media comments have made GPT-4 seem less cognizant for a while. In an article published a few days ago, an internal site suggested that OpenAI may have made recent changes that could affect performance. But for its part, OpenAI refutes this hypothesis.

In a tweet, Peter Wellinder, OpenAI’s vice president of products and partnerships, assures that the company is not dumbing down GTP-4. “Quite the opposite: we make each new version better than the last,” he says. However, for those who think AI has fallen short, he has a guess: “When you use it more intensively, you start to notice problems you never saw before.”

In other words, according to this OpenAI official, there is no regression. However, the more we use GPT-4, the more we notice the existing flaws.

ChatGPT: Declining number of users

Anyway, these GPT-4 performance articles come at a time when ChatGPT is starting to lose users after extensive development. A few days ago, our colleagues from published data from a similar network, according to which ChatGPT traffic decreased in June. More precisely, this data suggests that ChatGPT’s web and mobile traffic would have decreased by 9.7% between May and June. In the US, the decline would have been 10.3%. Also, the time visitors spend on will decrease by 8.5%.

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Otherwise, remember that OpenAI faces increasingly stiff competition. Bard is already an alternative to Google’s ChatGPT. And since few days this chatbot is available in Molière in France. Other ChatGPT competitors include Claude 2, developed by startup Anthropic. For his part, Elon Musk is working on the xAI project.

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