The next solar storm could cause internet outages

A solar storm is expected to hit our planet and destroy the web in the next two years. The Washington Post. The article in question is based on a document that mentions a geomagnetic storm that hit Earth in September 1859, following the largest solar storm of all time. At the time, this geomagnetic surge caused a simultaneous interruption of power supply from Paris, France to Boston, USA.

Although no major solar storm has occurred since 2012, the next one is expected to occur in 2025 when the Sun reaches its maximum energy.

When a solar flare occurs, it actually carries a magnetically charged wind that comes crashing down on Earth. The encounter with our planet’s magnetosphere creates geomagnetic storms that, in the worst case scenario, can cause severe disruptions to power networks, communication and navigation systems, and other electronic devices.

According to experts, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the next solar flare will lead to a complete collapse of Internet systems in various countries of the world. Not to mention the dangers to mankind if the gamma and ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun become too powerful.

AP Photo/Eric Kay, File
AP Photo/Eric Kay, FileThe sun sets behind an oil well

In May, NASA announced that it has developed DAGAR (Deep Learning Geomagnetic Disturbance), a forecasting system that combines artificial intelligence and satellite data to predict where a solar storm will hit Earth 30 minutes in advance. The delay makes it impossible to protect some essential equipment and infrastructure. “The risk of geomagnetic storms and catastrophic effects on our society increases as we approach the next ‘solar maximum,’ the peak of the Sun’s 11-year activity cycle, which is expected to occur in 2025.” NASA confirmed.

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