Nvidia hasn’t done that yet, so this user built an adorable mini RTX 3060 Founders Edition with a 3D printer.

The Redditor Clashmains_2Account Nvidia decided that it was going to produce a mini-IDX version of RTX sometime 3060 Founder’s Edition, he’ll take it to build an adorable fist-sized GPU. A modified graphics card Gainward RTX 3060 Pegasus, which has undergone modifications including a custom cover and heatsink. These components were designed using CAD and then 3D printed to mimic the look of the Nvidia Founders Edition GPU’s metal case. Additionally, Clashmains has integrated a Noctua 92mm fan, which is similar to the one found on the Founders Editions (and provides better cooling). Unfortunately, this is a test build, so there’s more to show than overclocking. During testing, Clashmains discovered that the PLA filament used to print the parts began to soften and disintegrate at around 60 degrees Celsius. Also, the part that holds the fan started to deform downwards at high temperatures, although large printed parts were not affected during the test. In its Reddit thread, Clashmains acknowledged the existence of a few ” Hard points In the project. They mentioned that they plan to use more heat-resistant fibers such as ABS or PETG for future builds, which would prevent the custom GPU’s 3D printed parts from deforming. or prevent melting. Nvidia Founders Editions never offered mini-ITX GPUs. It’s inspiring to see someone take a chance, and who knows, a leader might stumble upon this reddit post and make our collective dream come true. If we assume that The first 3D printing project From Clashmains, this is highly commendable, and I look forward to seeing progress in refining the design in future efforts.

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