You want to remove the SIM tray, but in reality you are breaking the microphone

You want to remove the SIM tray, but in reality you are breaking the microphone

The Galaxy S21 comes without a charger – the Korean company followed in the footsteps of Apple and its iPhone 12. But now, a closer look at the design and layout of the smartphone reveals another, more serious problem. It turns out that it is very easy to damage the microphone when trying to reach the SIM card tray.

The truth is, this time the developers decided to put the SIM card slot in the bottom edge. It opens in the usual way – using what is called a “paper clip”. But the problem is that since the holes and plate discharges of the microphone are the same size and close to each other, it is easy to confuse and insert a “paper clip” into the microphone, thus damaging it.

Samsung developers make a big mistake: you want to remove the SIM tray, but in fact you break the microphone
The inattentive user can easily “open” the microphone instead of the SIM slot

In the factory picture on the lid, where the “paper clip” is inserted and even where it is not is explained separately. But, firstly, after the purchase, this instruction is quickly sent to the trash, and secondly, due to carelessness, after a certain time after use, a person forgets the instruction and tries to easily open the microphone with a “clip”. In general, if the SIM card slot is above, it will be easier to avoid such embarrassing situations. However, the Galaxy S21 has an ESIM, which is a lifetime.

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