Google Chrome can make it easier to open websites on iPhones, and here’s how

Google Chrome for iOS has finally adopted Apple’s latest features for web apps introduced in iOS 16.4, allowing iPhone users to place websites directly on their home screen.

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Apple introduced new features for web apps with iOS 16.4, opening up new possibilities for Google, and the American company has finally updated its app. Allows users to add web apps to their home screen. Now they can access their favorite websites quickly and easily without leaving the browser and resorting to Safari.

Web apps are basically shortcuts to websites that you can place on your home screen. Users can do this once the web app is added to the iOS home screen Open and use as a normal app without being redirected to Safari or another web browser. Also, with iOS 16.4 or later, these web apps can also deliver push notifications like native apps.

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Web apps are finally coming to iPhones with Google Chrome

Previously, this feature was exclusive to Apple’s web browser, but with the latest Chrome update, users can now Add URLs or progressive web apps directly from Google Chrome to the home screen. With many users quickly turning to Google Chrome after trying Safari, this is a significant addition that will improve the experience for many iPhone owners.

With the upcoming release of macOS Sonoma, Mac users will also have the option Save websites as web apps using Safari. Some believe the changes were prompted by Apple’s desire to address concerns about anti-competitive practices related to the App Store. In fact, iOS 17 should be the first version of the operating system to allow alternative app stores.

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To start adding web apps to your home screen using this feature, you need to make sure you have The latest version of Google Chrome for iOS and A An iOS device running 16.4 or laterBecause earlier versions don’t support this API.

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