Apple is concerned about anti-trust pressures against it

Apple is concerned about anti-trust pressures against it

Apple’s next general meeting is scheduled for February 22.

The year 2020 happened specifically for Apple. In addition to production issues related to the health crisis, Copperdino has faced numerous criticisms of its policy within the App Store, but investigations United States And L Europe For anti-competitive practices. The focus on the US company has grown to the extent that Apple plans to discuss it at its next public meeting.

Among the subjects discussed, Apple plans to discuss regulatory pressure and the hopeless issues involved. American company urges governments “ Large technology companies are increasingly being looked after “Remember that in 2020, Apple CEO Tim Cook had to testify before the US Congress about his anti-competitive practices.

Although competition risks have already been discussed, this is the first timeAn official Apple document Directly refers to investigations into monopoly or anti-trust practices, which is evidence that the US company is at the center of concern and that the risk is serious.

The General Assembly will be an opportunity to elect new members to the Board and to approve the salaries of the Directors.

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