“Pissagate” conspiracy theory: Canadian billionaire can sue Twitter

"Pissagate" conspiracy theory: Canadian billionaire can sue Twitter

Citing the “Pissagate” conspiracy theory, the Canadian millionaire social network acquired the right to sue Twitter, which provided a number of messages promoting this incredible conspiracy, establishing a link between a pedophile network. Democrats in the United States.

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The Supreme Court of British Columbia on Thursday granted Frank Giustra, a close friend of Bill Clinton, the right to advance legal action against Twitter in the country.

The U.S. company argued that it would be better if the case was handled in California.

However, the Supreme Court of British Columbia is the first amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees full freedom of expression and prohibits any assistance against social networking in the United States.

The judge noted that the provincial court has the power to rule on damages owed to a wealthy businessman from British Columbia, and that many defamatory tweets were written in Canada or at least mentioned them.

“The Clinton Foundation, Frank Giustra, Justin Trudeau, are all in the same bed to promote pedophilia,” the magistrate said in a statement after the verdict.

Many conspirators who mistakenly believed the existence of a “pissagate” have drawn a smoking parallel between the disappearance of tribal women and girls in the country, the sexual assaults in Haiti, and another conspiracy theory that won. Pro-Trump circles: QAnon.

This whole crazy story started on the internet in 2015 and 2015 as part of the US election campaign that finally provoked Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

In the Democratic nominee’s famous emails published by WikiLeaks, many opponents believed that they had read the pedophile innovations.

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They came to convince themselves that Hillary Clinton’s team was operating a large pedophile ring from the Washington Pizzeria.

Frank Kiustra was caught up in this fake news as he sits on the board of directors of the Clinton Foundation.

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