5 Stages of Marketing Your Gaming Website Requires

Gamers were once seen as schoolyard misfits, job-shy dreamers, and loners who struggled to fit into the real world. But now the old cliché is gone. From elderly women to athletes, children to accountants, everyone now enjoys games. Our world is fast becoming a gamer’s paradise, and it’s all about the growth of artificial intelligence,  augmented reality, and mobile marketing.

Estimates show the gaming industry will make its worth up to $257 billion by 2025. Check out strafe, for instance, the growing emergence of its demands and user base explains it all. For years, the gambling industry has been an enigmatic subject that many marketers haven’t mastered. Marketing in the games industry has traditionally been an unpredictable and frustrating endeavor in a niche space where revenue is closely tied to the launch date of a big game.

Keep your focus on ASO

The first step to effectively marketing your game is to focus on optimizing your App Store. In fact, over 50% of their apps are discovered through search. If your target audience is looking for something there, you need to make yourself visible here and ASO is the answer to discoverability. Optimize your game name, keywords, and description for the app store.

Note that Google Play Store users may use different search terms than iOS search terms. Include as many search terms as possible to attract your target audience, but keep them all relevant. And most importantly, highlight how your game differs from your competitors. Try to use screenshots and phrases that grab the user’s attention.

Review your game

You should aim to reach the maximum audience from your target market with the minimum budget. This automatically states that, unlike publisher-backed games, you can’t spend on unlimited ads to attract users, and you can’t spend a lot of time on how to get a lot of attention without burning a hole in your pocket.

One is the influencer of his marketing. Find influencers with relevant followers that fit your target demographic. Reach out to them by suggesting they review your game on their channel. This can be a blog, YouTube channel or stream. The idea is to use their influence to reach your followers and persuade them to try your game.

Focus entirely on soft launch 

Oliver Kern, a well-known growth hacker in the app industry, says that the release phase of an app is not the phase that determines its success or failure in the market. He says a soft start makes all the difference. A soft launch helps determine if your game is ready for the market, or if it needs a few more iterations before being introduced to millions of mobile users. The tactic is to launch the game to a limited audience, measure their experience, and improve the game based on their feedback and engagement before the full launch.

Leverage the power of words

You have to make the most of what you have and use it to keep growing. The same is true for user acquisition. If you can get referrals from existing users to reach new users, you don’t need to invest in advertising right away. One of the most used and powerful sources of organic traffic is what you speak or word of mouth. The added advantage is that it comes for free.

Word of mouth is a powerful source of organic traffic, and its main advantage is that it’s free. It has been shown to increase marketing effectiveness by a massive 54 percent. Around 84 percent of people are known to respond to personal recommendations from friends and family. Give your users a great experience and encourage them to attract their circle to your game. Of course, in exchange for something the user finds valuable.

Get some paparazzi

It might sound a little too difficult, but the digital world offers numerous platforms where your game can get coverage. Make sure people are talking about your game if you have a lot of people following you on your local popular YouTube channel, press release platform, vis website for reviews and tech news. The more players hear about it and notice it in action, the more likely they are to try it.

Final Words 

So far, we can see that 2.5 billion people are playing games worldwide. The big questions for marketers are: How can you leverage this to maximize your brand’s visibility in the highly competitive gaming industry? The guide tells you about five marketing steps or stages taken by a web developer to ensure success of the site.

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