A Comprehensive Review of Kareo Medical Billing and Acumen EHR Software

Why Is Medical Billing Software Integral to Your Practice?

Medical billing software is a high-tech solution that automates all of your clinic’s billing tasks. With medical billing software, you can turn manual billing tasks like checking a patient’s insurance, processing and sending in claims, transferring cash, and keeping track of denied claims into digital files. Kareo and Acumen EMR are the top software for medical practices.

The software helps you get the most out of your collections by cutting down on administrative tasks you have to do repeatedly. In addition, the software is affordable, and you can buy it independently or as part of an EHR or practice management suite.

 Kareo Billing Software

Kareo Billing software is the best software to use if you are worried about your medical billing. With Kareo’s web and mobile billing, it’s easy to keep track of patients and handle complicated billing for insurance. In addition, you might get paid faster if you get more information from reputable medical billing experts.

There are hundreds of reviews of Kareo billing software, and all of them agree that it is a great tool. We’ll talk in detail about some of the software’s best features so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your medical practice. Overall, the Kareo medical billing software optimizes and automates time-consuming and error-prone billing processes for all medical offices.

Acumen EHR

The go Acumen EHR is a web-based program that helps nephrology offices improve their business processes. The functions of revenue cycle management help analyze financial trends and improve cash flow. The software makes it easy for staff to get to files and download them. The Acumen EHR mobile app lets users track patients, handle bills, set up appointments, and send messages, among other things. It is also a certified Ambulatory Complete EHR solution by ICSA Labs.

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Top Benefits of Billing Software

Easy Patient Scheduling

Patients are, in a sense, your customers and the source of your income. So, scheduling them is one of the most important jobs in any medical office. The billing software lets you set up patients based on which doctor they want to see and when they are available. It also stops future denials and ensures those appointments are linked to the right equipment and exam rooms. The software also checks to see if the patient is eligible, which keeps you from getting denied in the future and saves you time.

Claims Management

Claims are an essential element of any medical practice, and how Kareo Billing software and Acumen EHR manage them is strong enough to justify their pricing. The software keeps you up to date on how your claim is going. It also lets you quickly file a claim and get paid back.

You can also search for the date, the patient, or the provider to find specific claims. With the coding function and fewer mistakes, you’ll be able to get claims approved faster and more often, and the number of claims that are turned down will go down by a lot.

Data Analytics

Financial health and performance analytics are critical, especially for small practices that can’t afford to hire financial analysts to do the job manually. But this feature is built-in with Kareo Medical Billing software, so you can quickly see how well you are doing.

With Acumen EHR, you can also keep track of your revenue cycles and performance to see how you’re doing and what needs to be fixed—several reviews of the software praise this feature.

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Remote Accessibility

Even if you’re not at your clinic, you can still use the Kareo and Acumen EMR software through the web. The software also comes with a mobile app that lets you work from anywhere while you’re on the go. In addition, it allows you to do your work whenever you want, not just when you are in the office or clinic.

According to Kareo EHR reviews, the software also has an easy-to-use inbox that puts all your patient billing information in one place so you can focus on the billing side of your business.

Kareo Billing Pricing

The monthly fee for Kareo Billing Software is $110. Unfortunately, Kareo Medical Billing Software doesn’t have a free version or a trial period.

Acumen EHR Pricing

The Acumen EHR pricing is not available by the vendor. You have to contact the seller to get a quote for your practice.

Kareo Software Reviews


  • The dashboard is incredible. It has a lot of features and looks clean and professional.
  • The clinical section is also easy to use because all the parts of the note are shown on one page.
  • The most important features are the ability to report and customize reports.


  • Users say there are several problems with how online payments work. Before a patient can see more statements, they must log in to the patient portal. This login is not possible if the billing platform is only used as a stand-alone module.

Acumen EHR Reviews


  • Acumen EHR checks if insurance coverage is valid to avoid denials and get the most money back.
  • It lets you compare financial metrics from the past and the present to spot trends and come up with plans.
  • It finds the right ICD and CPT codes so that billing mistakes don’t happen.
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  • The majority of the users are quite satisfied with the product and have no issues.

Key Takeaway

This article took a close look at what the Kareo billing software and Acumen EHR can do, so you may be wondering if you should buy them. First of all, we suggest that you look at everything else that these software have to offer. Aside from that, you should ask the seller for a software demo to see if they meet your needs.

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