The Best Apps for Sports Betting

These days, sports betting is more popular than ever and one big reason for that is that it’s so much easier, thanks to sports betting apps. Being able to take your sports betting on the go with you, with such a neat design, is nothing short of revolutionary! In addition, sports betting has gotten simpler thanks to all the resources and advice available at the touch of your fingertips. For the best sports advice and predictions, you can contact one of the leaders and most trusted names in the sports handicapping industry, like Doc’s Sports.

Sports betting on a mobile app is particularly useful if you like to place ‘in-play’ bets. This includes putting down a stake on an event that’s already in motion or ‘cashing out’ of a bet early, if the app has this function. Most will do these days, including sites like WynnBet – that made a review of.

It also means that it’s a whole lot easier for us to check the results of our bets when we’re on the go. No more having to fret about getting to a computer to check the results!

Sure, you could just go down the route of accessing your betting site through their mobile website but, it’s never quite the same! An app is much better tailored to a smartphone and it also makes everything look a lot nicer on your screen. An app is also easier to use and is just an all-round more enjoyable experience.

On that note, it’s time to find out what it means to be a good app for sports betting. Then afterwards, we’ll go through some recommendations.

What does it take to be a great sports betting app?

Before we run through our recommendations of the top sports betting apps in the world right now, it’s important to take a look at the criteria that’s helped us to come to these decisions.

After reading this post, you’ll have all the info you need to critically evaluate any potential sports betting apps that you may find yourself! If you do come across one you think you like the look of, make sure you consider the following before you sign up for an account:

  • Odds: the main factor for a sports betting app to get right is good odds. Good odds means more money for us players when our bets do come in!
  • Markets: good odds are only positive if there are plenty of markets to bet on in the first place. Whether it’s Super Bowl betting or eSports, you should be able to bet on it all.
  • Bonuses: the best sportsbooks will give you free cash or free bets to get you started.
  • Customer support: you might not think you’re ever going to need any help with a sports betting app but if things do ever go wrong, you’re definitely going to want to get support ASAP.
  • Ease of use/visual appeal: does the app look good? Does it feel nice to use? How easy is it to do the things you need to do with it? These are all things to consider!
  • Extra features: do you like to play online slot games? What about live roulette? If the sportsbook app has casino games available to play as well, this will make it instantly appealing to a lot more people. Other extra features can include live streams of sporting events or cool graphics that depict what’s going on in them.

Which are the best apps for sports betting?

With all that in mind, here’s a look through our recommendations of the best sports betting apps to sign up for right now. You don’t want to miss these:


If you want a mobile app that’s got it all, look no further than WynnBet. It’s packed with functions such as live betting, bet builders and more. Plus, WynnBet has some solid odds as well as plenty of markets to bet on.

Some people have said that the visual element of the site feels a bit old fashioned but we quite like the old school feel of it and think it looks great!


Live streaming of a whole bunch of sporting events? Check. Awesome welcome bonus for those who sign up for a new account? Check. Beautiful app interface that feels exceptionally nice to use? Check. Bet365 has got it all, so you could do a lot worse than download this app.

888 Sport

If you’re looking for something a lot more modern in terms of its aesthetics, then the black and orange color scheme of the 888 Sport app is bound to captivate you. It looks both razor sharp and super exciting.

And it ain’t just a pretty face. 888 Sport has got all the functionality of the other two apps, alongside a great welcome bonus.

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