Why is the Super Bowl called the Super Bowl?

Why is the Super Bowl called the Super Bowl?

No other word in the game world is as strong and concise as a match: Super Bowl. NFL Championship Finals (National Football League) On the first Sunday of February, in a dry game played at the neutral ground, American football on the one hand stands against the winner of the National Conference (NFC) on the other side against the winner of the American Conference (AFC). More than 110 million viewers in the United States. This year, trophy winner Tom Brady’s New England Patriots face the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis. But this Grand Final is not always called the Super Bowl, which sparked controversy and continues to perpetuate the legend of “Made in USA” football.

The NFL is almost a century old competition. The NFL was created in 1920. It was initially based on a classic championship similar to our League 1 football, where the team with the best record wins the championship. Akron Pros first champions in 1920. But in 1932, the Chicago Pierce and Portsmouth Spartans finished with the same six-one-loss record. The league then arranges a match between them to decide. Chicago won 9-0. This is the first ancestor of the Super Bowl. The following year, the NFL finalized the idea for the company. Two divisions are formed and their champions compete in the dry competition. Chicago Pierce beat New York Giants again (23-21). But we will have to wait many more years to hear about the Super Bowl.

From the impact of the “super ball” … We are in 1966. The NFL has been omnipotent since its formation in the 1920s. Combining the two leagues is a merger that will take effect in 1970, but will create one last match of the season against the NFL winner against the AFL winner. Lamar Hunt, one of the founders of AFL and the owner of Kansas City Chiefs, proposes to name this last game “Super Bowl”. His idea, he would have thought of one of his children’s toys and invented it: “Super Ball”, or “Super Ball”, a hopping rubber ball created in 1964, was very angry in American homes.

See Wham-O’s “Super Ball” ad:

From “World Championship Game” to “Super Bowl”. Says the legend. In fact, the word “Super Bowl” would have quickly imposed itself on the cast and audience. “Great”? It never took off. “Pro-Bowl”? Abandoned before being taken to the NFL All-Star Game, Which now takes place before the Super Bowl. “World Football Series”? Very close to the baseball world series. “Ultimate Bowl”, “Premier Bowl”? The same. After all, the word Super Bowl was not immediately the official word for the final match between the NFL and AFL champions. As SBNation reminds. The first two editions, in 1967 and 1968, were called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” and the third, in 1969, the “World Championship Game” (Below) Longer than the Super Bowl and much less glamorous, you will agree.

Media Guide for Super Bowl III

Used quickly in everyday language – The New York Times He put it on its front page in 1967. Recalls an article from The Atlantic -, The term Super Bowl was not institutionalized until the fourth and final edition of the 1970 NFL-AFL Final. The New York Jets, the AFL team that won the previous year, received legal recognition for this best-selling nickname. … The following year, in 1971, after the AFL was absorbed by the NFL, the NFC and AFC champions became the first Super Bowl to face each other, with numbers in Roman numerals still in use today. The Super Bowl LII, the 2017 season final between the Patriots and the Eagles on Sunday, is the 52nd edition for those angry over their Latin …

Evolution of the Super Bowl logo, word used since 1966:

Super OK, but why the “bowl”? If the use of the word super is so obvious, why the hell bowl? In fact, bowl is historically the most legitimate word. The bowl can be translated as “salad bowl” or “bowl”. It was chosen to open the Yale Stadium in Connecticut in 1914 for the match between the American football teams Yale and Harvard. The Famous Rose Bowl at Pasadena near Los Angeles (Below), Eight years later, in 1922, receiving the shape and surname of the Yale Bowl.

Rose Bowl (960x640)

The following year, the college football final held there became known as the Rose Bowl Game, and later, for convenience, the Rose Bowl. An unavoidable event on the university calendar, Rose Bowl derives its name from a competition of roses that has been held in Pasadena since 1890, and later imposed its “brand”: Orange Bowl (created in 1935 and nowhere in Miami, Sugar Bowl (1935, New Orleans) and Cotton). The Bowl (formerly Sun Bowl, 1937, Dallas) was born in its background.The Super Bowl, the showcase for professional football, adopted this “exotic” formula three decades later.

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