How to Handle Covid-19 Related Stress as a College Student

To say covid-19 has changed everyday lives will be an understatement. The pandemic has not only affected people but also the business world, causing a lot of companies to shut down their operations.

Different organizations have asked employees to work from home in order to prevent the spread of the disease and to practice social distancing.

This epidemic has posed a lot of challenges for everyone. However, if there is anyone who has seemed to suffer the most, it’s the students. The education system has been disrupted completely. And students are now being forced to attend their classes remotely so they may remain safe from the deadly virus.

5 Ways to Help Students Deal with Covid-19 Related Stress

With the number of cases rising rapidly, the Covid-19 situation is getting worse day by day. No one really knows when things will get back to normal. And this is one thing that makes students worrisome.

However, there is no need to fret! If you are a student then don’t let the pandemic-related stress get to you. Things will eventually get back to the way they were sooner or later. For now, try to follow the following ways in order to break yourself free from this stress.

#1. Set a Limit to Your Media Consumption

Now, this doesn’t mean you stop watching your Cox cable altogether. Instead, you should try not to watch too much news. Also, try not to use social media often.

If you really want to stay sane during these insane times, it is suggested to set a limit to your smartphone use and media consumption. Also, don’t get your information from unreliable sources. This will only add to more confusion. Therefore, it is advised to turn to credible sources like World Health Organization to obtain any information that you want.

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#2. Seek Out Social Support

As almost all education institutions are encouraging remote learning, your classmates must have probably scattered. And staying at home can get really difficult and boring.

So, to beat isolation, you should make use of video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom to connect with your friends. Also, you can turn the webcam on during an online class so that you and your classmates can feel more connected.

#3. Take Care of  Yourself

Times are tough, but you have to be strong! Therefore, it is important for you to practice self-care. This will help your immune system strong and your emotional reserves full.

You should consider exercising regularly and don’t forget to eat healthily. In addition, try using mindfulness apps. You can also indulge yourself in various fun activities like dancing or solving puzzles.

#4. Help Others

It’s not just you who is stressed. Your family members and classmates are probably too! So, try to reach out to them and let them know that they are not alone. Show them your support.

This will mean a lot to them. Sometimes all you need to do is to listen to what they are feeling. And then you can share your feelings as well. It can help them in coping with their problems or stresses.

#5. Learn to Manage Disappointment

Whether it is your graduation ceremony or a chance for an internship, you should know that the important events are likely not to take place during this pandemic.

It sure is a huge disappointment but you should know how to manage it. It’s okay to grieve your losses but then reframe how you think about different life events.

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Also, think of how you can honor the things you have accomplished. You should find new ways to celebrate. And then once it’s safe, you can recreate important events.


Covid-19 is a lethal disease. It has pretty much changed the way how people used to live their lives. And it includes students as well.

They feel much more isolated now that everyone is at home practicing social distancing. And this is what causes them to be stressed.

However, the above-mentioned ways will help students to get their life back on track. It will reduce their stress levels greatly. So, do consider trying any or all of the aforementioned ways and hopefully, the world will soon be back to normal.


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