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Renowned computer hardware maker Biostar has released a list of its motherboards that are compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 11. Surprisingly, there are only motherboards in this brand that include a DPM 2.0 chip and a sine qua number condition that can be used with the next operating system.

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As you know, Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows 11 at a new conference. After launching a brand new Start menu, a revised and revised version of Office or a redesign of the Settings app, the US company has released Minimum configuration required to use its new OS.

It is true that the Redmond company has been a bit complicated in its demonstration, especially due to the PC Health Check. This tool provided by Microsoft allowed users to know that Their machine met the required conditions. However, the tool provided very little information to the taste of the users. Following this controversy, Microsoft has withdrawn the tool to make it work again, Before returning in the fall of 2021.

Condition for using DTM chip, Windows 11

In this process, Microsoft has clarified the minimum configuration required for Windows 11. Therefore, having a motherboard equipped with a DTM 2.0 chip (trusted operating system module) is especially essential. This chip, which is directly connected to the motherboard, protects your computer from external attacks by isolating sensitive data.

Knowing this, some component manufacturers have decided to declare their hardware compatible with Windows 11. This is especially the case with Foster Reveals list of its motherboards that are compatible with the latest Microsoft OS. Surprisingly, all existing motherboards are equipped with a DTM 2.0 chip and secure boot.

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It is worth noting that this includes all AMD Raison motherboards from the 300 series to the latest 500 series. This is great news for owners of its motherboards, as even older models from 2017 are compatible with Windows 11. On the Intel side, things are unfortunately too complicated, with a small list of compatible devices. Judge for yourself.

List of biostar motherboards compatible with Windows 11


  • A520 Series
  • B550 Series
  • X570 Series
  • P450 series
  • X 470 Series
  • X370 Series
  • P350 series
  • A320 series


  • Z590 series
  • B560 Series
  • P460 Series
  • H510 Series
  • P250 Series
  • J4105NHU

Source: Wccftech

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