Fox News will be fined $ 1 million

Fox News will be fined $ 1 million
At the Fox News Studio in New York City during the November 2016 US election.

One of the issues of the day, Fox News, will be tried in vain: the American television channel was fined $ 1 million (4 844,100) for a series of sexual harassment complaints. Assault and harassment. Nevertheless, this is the largest fine ever imposed by the New York City Human Rights Commission, the municipal agency responsible for enforcing laws against discrimination in the workplace or in applications.

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The Conservative Channel was also embroiled in a scandal involving Donald Trump’s favorite organ, the result of which in 1996 Fox’s all-powerful co-founder Roger Ayles left Rupert Murdoch. Many years later, one victim, star host Gretchen Carlson, filed a complaint in 2016, opening the door to dozens of other testimonies. Roger Ayles faced a semi-Troyd diet for those who wanted to be hired by the chain. Falling in support, he had to leave his own company in early 2017, when he was fired by his friend Rupert Murdoch. He died a few weeks later, in May 2017, at the age of 77.

Such actions are “intolerable”.

The scandal led to the downfall of Bill O’Reilly, another signature that could not be explicitly signed, which in 2017 was the worst case scenario for a chain that continues to glorify family values. The case was brought to the screen under the title Blast (Corruption, Released in 2019) with filmmaker Jay Roche, Nicole Kidman and Charles Theron, Gretchen Carlson and another star in the Conservative media landscape, McKinley, who was insulted by Donald Trump after leaving Fox News.

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The solution, which was unveiled on June 29, was negotiated with the New York Human Rights Commission. Carmelin Malalis, a spokeswoman for the company, made it clear that it would like to report such harassment or retaliation. Can not be tolerated ”. This agreement prevents Fox News from adding a section to the new hiring agreements that bind employees who wish to file a complaint for breach of rights over a confidential arbitrator. This forces the channel to organize awareness sessions on sexual harassment.

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