Google I / O 2021: Company Introduces Smart Canvas for Better Workplace Cooperation

Google I / O 2021: Company Introduces Smart Canvas for Better Workplace Cooperation

The annual Google conference dedicated to developers kicked off on Tuesday and opened on Smart Canvas, a new collaborative tool especially in the workplace of American companies. The Smart Canvas used by the end of the year aims to facilitate connectivity and focus and improve productivity.

Smart Canvas plans to upgrade applications such as Docs, Sheets and Slides with new features such as smart cartridges, templates and checklists.

Smart cartridges in Docs expand on the already available “Note” feature. With Smart Canvas, when you type “@”, Smart Bullets will now add attached files, assemblies and documents and people without changing the tabs. Google has announced that this feature will be coming to the papers in the coming months. Documents will also have web and mobile checklists so you can assign items to others. These elements are also visible in Google Tasks.

Smart Canvas brings table templates to Docs as a new way to easily collect feedback from team members, as well as monitor project status. Smart Canvas will add a new pageless format for docs, new views on sheets, a timeline display for task monitoring and a flexible view for the company.

In addition, thanks to the Smart Canvas, team members can deliver content to the Google Meet call on the Internet, directly from the document, from the paper file or from the slide, wherever the team works. In the fall, Google said the meeting will work directly with documents, sheets and slides. Integrations with Google Chat are also planned, as well as emoji reactions and writing help functions in Docs.

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