Home food distribution sets out to capture the countryside

Home food distribution sets out to capture the countryside

Jordan food delivery man in Champagnol, a small town in Jura. The delivery man is registered at Live, a specialized food delivery platform in the smallest of cities. It may seem a little American, but the owners are two Frenchmen, Enzo Sagni and Maxim Villanueva. They are located in 120 cities, some of which have a population of less than 4,000.

Small French cities, even the giant Uber eats are interested in this. At Saint-Gilles-Crooks-de-Wee (Wendy), the American food delivery platform has begun its service there. Fanley Martino, manager of Kioski izz Pizzas, signed without hesitation. She returns a portion of each order on stage, but it’s still a good deal. In fact, every day, it earns him an extra hundred euros. A filler she considers admirable. His pizzeria is one of the twelve restaurants available at Saint-Gilles-Crox-de-Vie in Uber Eats. In Paris, by comparison, there are 8,000.

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