Apple to force employees to wear cameras to avoid leaks

Apple to force employees to wear cameras to avoid leaks

Cupertino has already installed this type of device locally.

Apple seems to be nervous about information about unsold products appearing on the internet. The US company would have decided to implement and drastically strengthen its internal secrecy operations. Further To threaten some of the most popular leaks, Apple has decided to equip its teams with body cameras to avoid leaks.

A new report from Frontpage Tech That means Apple has been testing this type of device for a few weeks now. Body cameras will only be assigned to certain employees of the US company, especially those who can handle top-secret products, which have not yet been announced.

Unfortunately, the report does not say much. It is difficult to know what kind of camera Apple will use or how these body cameras will prevent leakage. If they act like cops, it is possible to avoid getting caught while taking a photo of such or unofficial products, even if we imagine that Apple is trying above all to intimidate its employees.

The use of this type of device is even more amazing. Apple employees involved in the development of top-secret products may disclose information verbally to those around them or to reporters without Apple realizing it. There may be other reasons for Cupertino to use this type of camera, unfortunately, we are not sure. Also, it is difficult to verify the use of this type of device within the company. So it is better to take this information with a grain of salt.

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