In Ghana, we deliver vaccines by drone

In Ghana, we deliver vaccines by drone



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Covid 19: In Ghana, vaccines are given by drones
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In Ghana, drones deliver anti-Govt vaccines to hundreds of health centers in minutes. To do this, the government has set up a well-oiled mechanism.

In front of a small health center in the middle of Ghana, nurses carefully scan the sky. A drone accelerates, and it opens in the right place to drop precious cargo: Covit-19 vaccines. Since then, the dynamics have worked well. The second drone has already arrived, and after the first three minutes, once the package is dropped, it will return directly to its base at a distance of 80 km. Orders are made in the warehouse of a small American company, and medicines and vaccines are kept in the refrigerator.

The only limit: no more than 1.7 kilograms per package. This means a maximum of 2000 people per place. Carefully packed to resist landing, they are surrounded by thin ice for the ride. The drone is then programmed with precise GPS coordinates of the distribution location. It takes a total of less than five minutes to prepare an order before departure. Each delivery costs about 20 euros.

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