He accidentally got 150 Amazon packages at home

He accidentally got 150 Amazon packages at home

She could not open her front door because the pile of packs was so big. An American citizen was the victim of a comprehensive Amazon bug CNN On June 22nd. Jillian Cannon thus misappropriated 150 packages from a global e-commerce company. Packages with mask holders allow better breathing for its users. Problem: This New York State resident has never placed such an order.

But, from June 5, for several days, the American will receive dozens of packs a day, some deliveries even being made by trucks, leaving the whole package in the hall of her house. If Jillian Cannon initially believed her partner’s online purchase for the small DIY business (“do it yourself”), she would quickly realize that it was really a mistake.

Donation request

One day she got a phone call from an acquaintance: “She told me: ‘Let me tell you, there are a ton of parcels in your hallway, we can not even see your door.’ , The entrepreneur contacted Amazon, which launched an investigation to identify the real recipient of these exports, however, the packages can no longer be transferred to the actual customer.

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So the entrepreneur asked Amazon to donate the items and details that were sent by mistake NBC. It has decided to convert existing mask holders into safety equipment aimed at younger patients at a nearby children’s hospital.

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