Future U.S. law may prevent Apple from pre-installing its applications

Future U.S. law may prevent Apple from pre-installing its applications

Apple should occasionally implement profound changes in iOS Hopeless bills Implemented under debate in the US Congress. Democrat David Cecil, who strongly advocated these new texts Worth it In fact the manufacturer prohibits pre-installation of its own applications on its devices.

Tim Cook during Vivatec. Thanks Clement For the film.

One of the purposes of these bills is to prevent the products and services of these large sites from gaining competitive advantage over competitors. In this context, Apple will no longer detect its music, Apple TV or applications: these applications are direct access points to the manufacturer’s services (Apple Music, Apple TV +) and products (AirTake). These are just examples.

In fact, you can easily imagine that a newly unlocked iPhone will not display anything on its screen until the user selects their browser, app store, email software, device application. Like the photo they want.

With the reporter in mind, the iPhone user can easily download alternative apps just like the ones Apple offers. In this way, ” [Apple] Does not exploit its dominant position in favor of its products and services “.It’s hard to imagine an iPhone without pre – installed apps.

The U.S. regulator is not the only one looking for lice in Apple’s head. In Europe, too, the Commission is very interested in Apple practices (read: According to Tim Cook, forcing the sides to do what Brussels wants will “destroy” the security of the iPhone.).

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