Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna opens to Prime subscribers next week

After launching in September 2020, Amazon Luna will soon be available for free to Prime subscribers, for a trial period of a few days.

Amazon after launching Luna last September Is now expanding its cloud gaming service. Undoubtedly, with the aim of reaching more customers, the US company announced that the streaming video game offer will be available to all prime subscribers until the June 21st launch date of Prime Days. For a 7 day trial period. “Start the 7 day Luna + Trial to play action, adventure, stage, shooter, roll-flaming, racing, indie or classic games – and we will always add more”.

Currently, this service is offered for $ 6 per month and allows access to a virtual library directly from the Amazon platform. Third-party publishers also offer additional subscriptions to access their own titles. This is especially the case with Ubisoft, which offers its Ubisoft + service at 99 14.99 per month.

A concession has been made to the United States

Accessible since last year on computers, Fire TV, smartphones and tablets, Luna can soon be tested without owning a Fire TV, or not previously registered on the platform’s initial access list. As for the French players, it will be necessary to take his problem patiently right now. If the offer is featured in the US version of the service, it is not Not yet available in France. Logical, because Luna has not yet launched in our green areas. While waiting to benefit from an international ranking, it will be necessary to return to the competition, as in Google Stadia, for example Chromecast

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