Video: China tests a giant drone


A video clip of a Chinese drone similar to the Russian On2 spread over YouTube, flew into the sky and landed after a remote control flight at a Chinese military airport.

The clip showed the process of making and testing the aircraft by Chinese military experts, and Sputnik reported that the Chinese aircraft, known as the “Pyongyang 98”, was similar and similar to the old Russian “N2” aircraft.

China is testing the aircraft without the participation of pilots, by developing a program that offers an opportunity to remotely control small and large aircraft.

Chinese experts were able to fly the aircraft through a remote control program, which, in addition to the successful landing process, is a very difficult phase.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese aircraft “Fihong 98” was first used in 2018, after China received official Russian approval to produce a model aircraft similar to the Russian “On 2”.


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