UAE .. 100 million man-hours in Baraka nuclear power plants

UAE .. 100 million man-hours in Baraka nuclear power plants

CEO Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammadi said: To the Emirates Atomic Energy Corporation “This exceptional achievement is the result of the solid security culture of the task force and the commitment to adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety during the development process. Baraga stations“.

Achieving 100 million safe working hours is a testament to our capability, he said United Arab Emirates In addition to setting a new record in this field for new nuclear projects around the world, large and advanced projects must be completed in a safe manner.

Al-Hammadi added, “With thousands of workers on site at the Baraka stations, we were keen to hold regular training sessions in addition to continuous supervision to ensure their commitment to safety is a top priority.”

Since its commercial operation, the first station in Baraka has become the largest single power source in the United Arab Emirates, leading to huge efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the region.

The first station has so far produced over two million and 100 thousand megawatts per hour Electricity Eco-friendly and able to cut over 950,000 kilotons Carbon emissions.

Baraka stations are one of the biggest projects Quiet nuclear power In the world, there is an APR1400 advanced electric furnace with four plants each.

Construction of the stations began in 2012 and has been steadily progressing since then. Commercial operations began at the first station in April 2021, while the process of loading fuel at the second station was completed, which are currently undergoing all tests and procedures in preparation for the initial phase.

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Construction has reached the final stage at the third and fourth stations, where the completion percentage is more than 94 per cent and 89 per cent, respectively, while the total completion rate at the four stations is more than 95 per cent.

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