Novavox claims more than 90% of its vaccine

The U.S. Laboratory has released the results of its latest clinical trial without using the same method, with results close to those of RNA messenger vaccines.

NovaVox said Monday that its anti-Govt vaccine is more than 90% effective against certain types, such as the English variant (alpha), after a study of nearly 30,000 people in the United States and Mexico.

The vaccine “shows 100% and 90.4% overall protection against mild and severe forms of the disease,” the U.S. Biotechnology Institute said in a statement, which aims to seek official accreditation. 2021 Third Quarter.

This vaccine uses a technology that is different from the technology already widely used in the world for vaccines: it is called the “subunit” vaccine, which is based on proteins that stimulate the immune system, without the virus. NovaVox estimates it could produce one hundred million doses per month and one hundred and fifty million by the end of the year.

NovaVox has moved closer to its goal of meeting the continuing and critical global public health demand for new anti-govt vaccines, ”said Stanley Erk, president of the company.

The novax vaccine – NVX-Cowie 2373 in official terms – uses a different technology that is already widely used in the world for vaccines: it is called a “subunit” vaccine, which is based on a response-inducing protein. Immunity, virus-free.

Unlike other vaccines, it does not need to be stored at very cold temperatures, but only at 2 to 8 ° C, which facilitates transportation and administration in the most vulnerable countries. Low growth. More than two billion of the Govit-19 vaccines are administered worldwide, but the disparities between countries are very strong.

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