With its giant pavement network, no one can escape the Amazon

Même la nuit? Même la nuit.

Few have heardAmazon Pavement, Including the thousands of people who take part in it. Because of the company Jeff Bezos is about to leave the head Within a week, it was decided that all Amazon Echo voice assistants and ring security devices in the United States would be part of a network.

Amazon’s ambition is to improve the connectivity of its devices Create one «Mesh Network (A “Mesh Network”) At the district level, all devices are connected to each other without sequencing or centralized connection.

Amazon explains it “As more neighbors participate, the network gets stronger”. If your surveillance camera has difficulty accessing your network, it may be connected to a camera on the opposite street.

If your neighbor’s Amazon Echo has difficulty accessing the Internet, it may connect to your WiFi, if you have compatible devices. Tile trackers make pedestrian use easier.

The Bonds Pavement Uses low bandwidth connection between devices «Limited to 80 Kb per second, Which is forty times lower than the bandwidth used to steam high definition video ”. The monthly total is limited to 500 Mb / s, so the network should not be cannibalized.

Default registration

But the implementation of such a system raises questions: to participate in the Amazon Walk, there is no need to register, and all owners of compatible devices are automatically added. However, in order not to participate, it is necessary Manually unsubscribe. The deadline is tight: the project is scheduled to run from June 8 to 14.

Ashkan Soldani, former chief technology officer of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), believes in the project Continues to establish the omnipotence of the Amazon, By changing In practice Company “Internet Service Provider at the touch of a button, without splitting a centimeter of fiber”.

Partitioning also raises legal questions. The sidewalk will only be parked for the first time in the United States, but in France, for example, Responsible for any use.

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Amazon is not just about mobilizing its devices to create a decentralized network. Apple recently unveiled the AirTake Tracker, which does not use GPS technology: It emits a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by millions of Apple devices worldwide, Creates the largest network of localization.

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