Night Road – The Dark Side of Nomadland or American Road Travel

Route de nuit - Nomadland ou le côté obscur du road trip américain

In France, the rest of the back is often found on foot. Not in the United States, not in the wider United States of America, not in Chloe Zhao’s new film. With Nomlandland, The Chinese director, evokes the dark side of America from his first films, chasing his heroine on the dilapidated roads of the West, in Nevada, in Nevada, in the plains of the idle, sucked up by the sun and on the old ship vacationing vintage vans and motorbikes with nothing but glowing Winnipeg. This heroine is Fern. She loses her sixty-year-old husband and then decides to cut the road outside of her job and briefly fitted Ford app. She is not homeless as she says, but homeless. For her, it was not one.

Director Chloe Zhao in her film set.
Director Chloe Zhao in her film set.

Along the way, she meets a community of lost people like herself. Because like his previous film, Ride, Chloe Zhao plays her lead actress Frances McDormand, amateur actors, real backpackers who never play and live their daily lives in front of the camera, between their van and the valves that make it between them. Because, at first glance, though Normalland is a dark film about American depression in the post-2008 crisis, this film reveals astonishing vitality.

Luxurious landscape views from a bad bench

Made by long journeys through the landscapes of the West, they re-categorized a community, their own lives, like snow covered in winter or shining with the sun in summer. As the vans gather like pioneer carts around the fire of the pioneer dead tree-transforming boards, the viewer sometimes wants to share Freen’s seed bench or his garlands widely. In their world, we will never say goodbye because we will always be on the corner of a road or in a temporary place. There or Swanky, Linda and Fren are, of course, hot together and facing the brutality of the American system.

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Fran, or Francis McDormand, is the lead actress and producer of the film.
Fran, or Francis McDormand, is the lead actress and producer of the film.

Nomlandland, It’s the smallest story of these little men, but it’s the biggest lion in Venice and the biggest Oscar-winning film in Hollywood. Statues to underline the complete mastery of a filmmaker and his lead actress. If you want to discover the landscapes of the American West and the views a great filmmaker has on the pitifully pitiful people, you have to run to see this film for a thousand good reasons.

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