This is how the Northern Hemisphere experienced a solar eclipse

This is how the Northern Hemisphere experienced a solar eclipse

Paris, France.- Residents of the Northern Hemisphere were able to admire the sky this Thursday, guarding their eyes, a Eclipse Partial sun It traveled about 500 km from Canada to Siberia via Europe.

At the height of this call Eclipse Cancel, The moon slowly slides in front of the sun, leaving a thin glowing ring behind its black disk. “Fire ring“.

This scene is reserved for some people living in the northwest, at the highest latitudes Canada, Extreme north Russia, Northwest Greenland.

Photo: AFP

Above Canac in the northernmost city of the planet, Greenland, the disk concealment was reached 90 percent.

However, this phenomenon was only partially observed North America, Part Europe And the north Asia.

Photo: AFP

Must be interested in astronomy and fans Protect your eyes Observe the plan with special glasses or through the event, because direct exposure to the sun can cause irreversible burns to the retina.

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Ann London, Where the moon is hidden 20 percent From the sun, visitors were able to see the eclipse through the clouds.

This is the first Solar eclipse of 2021, And the sixteenth of the XXI century. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when the earth, moon and sun are exactly aligned.

If an eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far in its orbit around the Earth, its apparent diameter is small and the eclipse is annual, which will see a luminous ring.

(Photo by Kena Bettankoor / AFP)

A total eclipse, in which a part of the planet is briefly plunged into darkness, when the Moon is very close, its apparent diameter is equal to or greater than that of the Sun as seen from Earth.

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Next Total eclipse It will take place on December 4, but it will only be visible from Antarctica.

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