Russian historians classify archives of Poland’s role in World War II

Russian historians classify archives of Poland's role in World War II

Russian historians classify archives of Poland's role in World War II

Moscow, April 12. The Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO) is hosting a major scientific event where documents on “Poland’s policy of reconciliation” will be published during World War II.

The conference will be held in early June 2021 with the participation of scientists from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Isvestia… Miyakov stressed that the event was launched in connection with the trend of lying about the role of the Soviet Union in World War II. According to the historian, it is necessary to provide documents to remove the myths.

“Intelligence at the time, information about our economy and the armed forces, information about security plans – all of this will be provided in June,” Miyakov said.

The historian focused on the fact that these documents were relevant to the political rhetoric of the West, especially Poland, in the pre-war years. According to the Russian embassy in Warsaw, Polish politicians are actively promoting the 1939 study “The country faced German and Soviet occupation”.

Formerly aide to Russian President Vladimir Medinsky SaidJapan distorts the historical truth about World War II. In particular, the politician accused Tokyo of altering facts at the level of school textbooks.

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