Texas removes the word “Negro” from its displacement

Texas removes the word "Negro" from its displacement

Referring to the change in attitudes on the issue of racism, the State of Texas has decided to remove the derogatory word previously used to name different areas. The names of great African-American persons will be used instead.

Twenty years after the first failed attempt, on Thursday, June 10, the U.S. Geographical Names Bureau approved the request of the Texas Federal Council.Negro”In its territory. “That day is long gone, but I’m proud to see the change finally happen,” he said. Local Select Officer Rodney Ellis said Quoted Washington Post.

Federal authorities considered the evolution of the mindset of citizens on the issue of racism to justify this change, on the grounds that it was postponed in 1998 and then did not benefit“Local Support”. Negrohead, Negro Hollow, Negro Creek, Slavery and Racism Most of these names derived from the past will be changed “Heroes Connected to Texas”, Statistics of the struggle of African-Americans.

“Not working”

The Washington Daily reports that a river in the Travis and Burnett districts was named after Ada Simont, a famous writer and activist, at the Texas Women’s Hall in 1986. Reeves Mountain bears the name of former slave Henry Flipper, the first black graduate of the U.S. Military Academy in West Point.

“Not working”, However, Rodney Ellis points out that the United States already introduced a law in 1991 to encourage displacement change. “There are hundreds more sites across the country with racist and outdated names”, Adds former senator.

The popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was born in 2012 and is fueled by growing outrage surrounding cases related to racism, may be generalized by efforts such as the recent removal of statues celebrating personalities involved in racist politics in the United States. In the coming years.

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