Five Ways To Hack Named WhatsApp Messages

Названо пять способов взлома переписки WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still the most popular instant messaging service in the world, however in our country it is second only to Viber Messenger. WhatsApp has not even lost its popularity since the introduction of the new privacy policy. Messenger developers assure users that their correspondence security is secure. Meanwhile, experts have named five common ways to hack WhatsApp.


Last year, attackers used an attack on ambassador related to GIF animations. Scammers were able to use the image to access messages sent by the user and to find his name. This was done because of the code that connects multiple images.

The second hacking method also applies to media files. It doesn’t have to be animated. After saving the file, it starts to infect the smartphone with virus. This is how cybercriminals gain access to correspondence and contact lists.

The third way is to use special software. But for such apps to work, they need to be installed on the victim’s smartphone.

The next way is fake WhatsApp messengers. After entering personal data, the user will not be able to log in to his account, and the login and password will be sent to the scammers’ servers. You can easily protect yourself. You only need to download WhatsApp from the App Store.

The last time scammers use WhatsApp is about a web client. The best way to keep your account safe is not to log in with someone else’s personal computers.

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