Cannes: Nine films complete the official selection-narrator statement

Cannes: Nine films complete the official selection-narrator statement

Anne Frank’s animated film, a biography dedicated to the rap group NTM and Caspar’s latest film was added to the official selection of the 74th Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, its organizers announced in a press release.

“Where is Anne Frank?” Nine new films have been added, including one left blank by the animated film “Waltz with Bachchir”. The film is co-produced by the Belgian company Walking the Dog. At midnight screenings, Night Owls can discover two French movies: The Larry Brothers’ New Opus, a biography dedicated to their favorite actor, Matthew Amalrique, as well as the rap group NTM, Audrey Estrogo’s “Superrames”. Several first films join the selection, including “My Brothers and Me” by Frenchman Johan Manga, starring Sofian Gomez and Dolly Penzala (expected next in James Bond), and Nomi Merland’s “Mi Ubida, Mon Amore”. Portrait of the Young Woman on Fire “by Celine Siama. In the new Cannes premiere series aimed at experienced directors, Caspar will present the disease” Vortex “, starring Italian master horror Tario Argento, who inspired him a lot. The film, which will be screened at the “Last Screening” after the awards on the 17th, has not yet been announced.

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