Trump backs Buhari, who has been banned from Twitter

Trump backs Buhari, who has been banned from Twitter

(Egofin Agency) – Former US President Donald Trump supports Nigerian government’s decision Stop Twitter activities in its territory. “Congratulations to Nigeria for banning Twitter because it banned their president.”, Announced the Republican Party In a press release. The latter restarts the international debate surrounding social networking sites and the uniqueness they offer themselves in regulating freedom of expression in the world.

He added that as well “More and more countries should ban Twitter and Facebook to prevent free and open speech – all voices must be heard”. Controversial politician wants to see ” [des] Competitors [qui] Exposed and takes root . “If they make a mistake, who are they to order them to be right and wrong?” “, He concluded in his statement.

Former PresidentThe goalThe most important of these private social media sites, will be banned from Facebook until 2023, and Of course from Twitter, As follows Capitol events on January 6th. On the Nigerian side, the government seems determined to suspend the US company. Officials believe its actions “Possibility of harming Nigeria’s political stability and economic interests”.

They also announced restrictions on citizens connecting to the site via VPN (Virtual Private Network). But so far, no arrests have been officially announced for this reason. Some voices have already announced the risk of the economic impact of the Twitter shutdown in Nigeria.

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It should also be noted that this move is subject to numerous comments on social networks in Africa. An area that could largely qualify as a new means of snatching Nigerians’ freedom of expression, the incident has not yet provoked an official reaction at the level of African government bodies.

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