Teaching: How a beginner builds virtual classrooms

Teaching: How a beginner builds virtual classrooms

Education Direct online support course and software for creating and managing distance education sites.
Young Two young starters are rediscovering private lessons.

Around the world, training classes have become a complementary and essential education for many families. Today, due to the health crisis, private subjects have been rediscovered with digital. It is for this purpose that young Moroccan beginners have been exploring very quickly in recent months and developing new innovative teaching practices. Yasin Nogri, CEO and co-founder of Sebora Solutions and Ostadi.Emma, ​​explains that “the epidemic crisis has led to a review of support courses and their operational practices.” He is a recipient of the Mohammedan School of Engineers Prize and already has professional experience in a multinational company in Morocco. During his career, he was responsible for the feasibility study of technical and technological solutions within the framework of collaboration with an American company. His partner Ismail Finnouy is the recipient of the Ecole Telecom de Lille Prize for his part. He has worked for telecommunications companies in France and has worked on digital transformation projects and information systems for large accounts. Thanks to equity investment and a grant from CCG through the support of Startfactory, they embarked on their new project.
Established in the innovative city of Agadir, their young shooter allows direct lessons from Ostadi.com for a few months through an intuitive platform. Since the interface was launched, about fifty teachers have worked on this educational structure, which now holds nearly 6,000 records. According to the manager, the service is easily accessible from a PC, mobile device or tablet. “The offer includes monthly subscriptions of 250 to 480 DH per month, with live lessons, personalized support and follow-up,” he explains. In addition to middle and high school students, the product also targets schools and organizations involved in the digitalization of their training system. For these customers, monthly and annual subscriptions are provided for the use of management software and access to the Ostadi.ma operating system. A few months after creating this virtual classroom interface, Yasin Nogri and Ismail Finnouy are now developing a SAS (software as a service) solution called Sebora.com. Yasin Nogri says the software allows training centers, businesses and schools to set up their distance learning platform and manage their virtual classes. The solution will be marketed internationally. For now, the software is in the testing phase. Young starters are also thinking big for the Ostadi.ma site. They like to use in the Mena region.

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