Calendali launches new offer targeting large companies

Calendali launches new offer targeting large companies

There is an American company that specializes in improving the organization of appointments and meetings Announced a new offer on May 3rd : Calendar for business. This ensures greater security and is more suited to the needs of a larger company.

May compete with open source Calendula application

Since its inception in 2013, Calendili’s promise, like many professional applications, to save its customers time. To do this, it provides an automated tool for creating meetings. The goal is to make the difficult process of communicating with each other easier for everyone to find working hours. The organizer of the meeting broadcasts a link that provides different time locations, with some restrictions for his colleagues or clients. Once the date and time are selected, the appointments will be made and added to the calendars of the persons concerned.

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Based in Atlanta, United States, the company has a strong customer base of 50,000, including big names such as LinkedIn, L’Oreal, Visa, and Dropbox.

Announ Pearl, Calendili’s Product Manager, explains in a blog post announcing the new ‘Calendly for Business’ package. Over time, our clients have taught us that larger companies have different planning requirements than individuals and smaller teams. .

Security and organization

To meet the expectations of its customers, Calendly has focused on two key areas. First, the Security. Henceforth, identity and access management systems and standards will be supported. Octa, SSO single sign-in with Ping ID திறந்த and open standard for multiple domain identity management SCIM. The second part isOrganization Size. A dashboard allows the administrator to better manage users by grouping by group, location, group, department, etc. Other tools should make it possible to measure the effectiveness of appointments by calculating cancellations and restructuring.

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Security functions are available from the announcement of the new pack for companies, dashboards will be available soon, the calendar promises.

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