QS enters world university rankings 25th in Taiwan

QS enters world university rankings 25th in Taiwan

The British Institute of Higher Education (QS) announced the latest today2022 World University RankingsOf the 1,300 schools in the world, Taiwan has 25 schools, which is a record high. However, the University of Taiwan ranks 68th, 2 less than last year. Yangming Jiadong University, which was officially merged in February this year, was ranked 268th. Compared to last year’s 240th and Yangming 298th, the combined rankings of the two universities are in the middle of the average. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States has won the World Championship for 10 consecutive years.

The QS World University Rankings is based on a comprehensive assessment of the “Education Reputation”, “Number of citations to faculty and staff documents”, “Teacher-Student Ratio”, “Employer Reputation”, “International Teacher Ratio” and 6 standards. The “International Student Ratio” was attended by 1,673 universities around the world, and the number of Taiwanese schools on the list is increasing every year. There are 25 schools in Taiwan, which is a record.

This year, the world champion Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been the champion for 10 years, followed by Oxford University, Stanford University in the United States and Cambridge University and Harvard University in the United Kingdom in fifth place.

However, if you look at the 500 schools in the world, there are 10 schools in Taiwan, but most of them are lagging behind last year. Sun Yat-shen University (412nd place this year) advanced by 4, Taipei University Technology (469th place this year), and Zhang Kung University (480th place this year). Rankings have also improved, and Beijing University of Science and Technology has also set excellent ranking results over the years.

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Overall, the National Taiwan University still ranks first in the country, 68th in the world, but is 2 places slightly lower than last year’s record of 66; Tsinghua University is in second place, 180th this year, 12 places lower than last year; In February of this year, 252 Yangming Jiadong University, which was officially listed as a joint school, was ranked 268th. Compared to 240 and Yangming 298 last year, the combined ranking of the two universities is in the middle.

In Asia alone, Singapore National University (NUS) is ranked 11th in the world, Singapore’s Nanyang Institute of Technology is ranked 12th, China’s Tsinghua University is ranked 17th, China’s Peking University is ranked 18th and China’s Hong Kong University is ranked 22nd.

The British Institute of Higher Education (QS) today announced the 2022 World University Rankings. The University of Taiwan is ranked 68th, 2 places lower than last year

The QS World University Rankings enter Taiwan’s list of 25 schools

The British Institute of Higher Education (QS) today released its 2022 World University Rankings. Out of 1,300 schools in the world, Taiwan has 25 schools, a record high. But

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